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Environmental Update

Reduce and Recycle

We are acutely aware of the environmental impact of our operations and we seek to reduce this wherever possible. This goes beyond the requirements of our ISO 14001 accreditation, although the data generated through our monitoring processes for ISO has helped us significantly reduce our impact.

  • Using smaller, newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles for deliveries and collections has enabled us to reduce our fuel consumption by 14% over the last two years.
  • We recycle virtually all waste that we produce through our daily operations.
  • We offer a number of services that help our clients improve their “Green Credentials”, including recycling of shredded paper and cardboard and the provision of archive clips to replace lever-arch files being sent to storage. The lever-arch can be re-used which has the additional benefit of helping our clients save money.

For more information on how our range of services can help your business improve its environmental impact, contact us online.

Local Schools Programme

A by-product of our Confidential Destruction operation is a huge number of empty lever-arch files, the majority of which have only been used once and are in near-perfect condition. Generally speaking, lever-arch are destined for landfill. At Box-it Scotland we decided this was very wasteful so we contacted all the schools in our local area and offered them free lever-arch files. So far we have donated over 1200 files to our local schools, thereby diverting them from landfill and helping the schools save money.


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Environmental Update
Reduce and Recycle



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