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Document Storage and Scanning in Scotland

Box-it Scotland offer a wide range of document storage and scanning services from our facilities located across Scotland.

Our core services include document storage, online management and file auditing, as well as bulk scanning and confidential document destruction.

Secure Document Storage

At Box-it Scotland, we pride ourselves in making document storage as efficient as possible for businesses of all sizes.

Our spacious facilities are secure, clean and humidity-controlled; to ensure that your files are kept in pristine condition.

Every box is marked with a unique barcode that enables accurate tracking and rapid retrieval of your information, whilst individual files can be quickly selected and delivered directly to you at a time when you need them most. Each file is also barcoded upon retrieval, linking it to its box of origin and ensuring complete peace of mind that your documents are where they are supposed to be.

Online Management

Our state of the art online portal allows you to completely manage your stored archive from the comfort of your own desk. Add new boxes and files, request deliveries and collections, and order packaging materials without leaving the office.

We'll even provide full-training for you and your team in order to help you get to grips with our bespoke system.

File Audits & Cataloguing

If you constantly find it difficult to locate the exact documents you need within your current storage space, then this is costing your business time and money.

Eliminate the time wasted on locating documents with our dedicated team of archivists, who constantly undertake large-scale cataloguing projects to create highly accurate and detailed lists of files contained within boxes; providing a service which proves invaluable to many of our clients.

Scan-on-Demand & Bulk Scanning

At Box-it Scotland we provide extensive document scanning and online processing services with online hosting using Omnidox - our secure, cloud-based records management system.

Files are scanned and uploaded directly to Omnidox, and can be viewed, opened and used only by you.

This enables you to receive your files and documents electronically via email - reducing the need for physical delivery and promoting an eco-friendly solution.

Confidential Destruction

Box-it Scotland is able to retain complete control of the destruction process when it comes to confidential documents.

When documents reach the end of their Retention Period, or a client calls for them to be destroyed, we will, upon verification, shred the specified documents and recycle the waste. We can also provide a bespoke destruction service for documents not already in storage with us.

We, along with all our clients, are fully compliant with the requirements of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Certificates of Destruction (including box details and date of destruction) are available upon request. This guarantees the destruction of your documents, complying fully with the regulations set by the DPA.

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So whether you run a huge company or you're a small business owner, at Box-it Scotland we're ready to meet all your document storage needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can help streamline your storage strategy.

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